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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Introducing would-be brewers to homebrewing

This post should really be entitled "Re-Introducing Myself to Homebrewing" seeing as how I have not brewed in well over a year. Pretty pathetic for a guy who runs a blog called "homebrewbeer.net" but sometimes the truth is not pretty.

Making time for hobbies and diversions has been a challenge for me, with a toddler and a new born in the house. I've been trying to find the time to get back into it, and a friend may have given me the push I needed to get back on track.

A buddy from my weekly bible study brought up the idea of brewing, and asked if I would be interested in getting together with him and his brother for some beer making fun. Apparently they have both become disillusioned with their careers and toyed with the idea of opening a brewery or brew pub.  They figured a little homebrewing might be just the thing to get their feet wet.

Ahh... The old "lets open a brewery" plan B that lives in the back of the minds of so many craft beer lovers, including mine. When our day-to-day lives slaving away at what ever we do for a living loses it's luster, visions of brew tanks dance in our heads.  Sadly the plan typically includes these steps, and these steps only:

  1. Brew a few batches of beer
  2. Stumble upon the ultimate beer recipe with no real brewing training or experience
  3. Some how find funding to open a brewery or brewpub
  4. Become wildly successful with minimal effort

I'm still on step 1 myself...  Oh well, no harm in dreaming and having fun while doing it.  So, what's a good simple first beer to make with newbies?  Any thoughts?

Friday, November 19, 2010

6th Annual Not So Snooty Beer, Wine and Cheese Adventure

Great Beer, Historic Aircraft, and a Worthy Cause

I've been asked to once again assist in the planning of the Not-So-Snooty Beer, Wine & Cheese Tasting Adventure. This year marks the event's 6th year, and my 3rd year of heading up the beer portion of the event.  (see info on last year's event)

Once again, I'll be coordinating local breweries and brew pubs participation for the event. Last year we had amazing growth in the beer portion of this event thanks to the generosity of some great local brewers.  We did so well last year the event is quickly becoming more of a craft beer event, the wine is taking more of a back seat. We're hoping for even more this year!  (There's even some talk of an additional craft beer only event in the future...)

If you're part of a brewery or brewpub and you're reading this, please consider participating. (ITS NOT TOO LATE TO SIGN UP) Leave a comment with your contact info, or shoot me an email and I'll get back to you... (bryon at homebrewbeer.net)

When: 11/19/2010 6:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.
Where: The New England Air Museum Windsor Locks, CT
What: The event includes locally produced beer, wine and cheese, delicious hors d'oeuvres, raffles, coffee and dessert.
Tickets are limited: Ticket price and ordering information coming soon!

All proceeds benefit The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp. Hope to see you all there!

What breweries are signed up so far...

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