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Sunday, June 20, 2010

American Craft Beer Fest 2010 Reflections

Volunteering to work at the ACBF this year was a fantastic idea, I had an absolute blast.


  • Pouring for a brewery and interacting with the crowd is awesome!
  • Free staff shirt = "unlimited power!"
  • Interacting with the other volunteers was fun
  • Staff can still sample the craft beer
Down side:
  • Honestly, I can't really think of a downside...
  • OK, some volunteers take too seriously, like that hall monitor back in the 2nd grade...

Here's how the day went... (click to read more, it's a bit long)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

American Craft Beer Fest 2010

It's time for the American Craft Beer Fest!  I'm fairly excited about the event this time around because I get to see it from "the other side" this year. That's right, I'm a volunteer.  I recall my first visit to the fest, I made a lame attempt at interviewing a couple of volunteers, but my camera card filled up too fast.  Here's a little blurb from that post (back in 2008).

While exploring the dark underbelly of the fest, I decided to do a quick interview of two fest volunteers. "How do you like working the fest, is it something you'd do again or recommend to others?" They seemed to like working the fest, but my camera card ran out of space. We may never know how this interview ended... But seriously, there were a lot of folks working to make this a great event. Some even had the pleasure of dumping out the rinse buckets... Not glamorous, but critical none the less. Let's give all those worker bees a big round of applause!

I really hope (probably like most volunteers) I get to pour and interact with some of the brewery staff.  But I may very well end up learning first hand just how glamorous dumping the rinse buckets can be...

The plan so far goes as follows...

  1. Meet Kenn and Dave at my place at 8 AM, grab a coffee for the road and then high tail it up to Boston.
  2. Get to the fest and park in time to...
  3. Make it to the ALL staff check-in (11:30am)
  4. Then its a mandatory section meeting (12:15pm)
  5. Settle into my assignment for the long haul (1pm – Doors open)
  6. Try to make some connections, especially with New England breweries that may want to attend the annual charity event I help plan.
  7. Try to score a bottle or two of something special, if one of the brewery teams has compassion on me.
  8. Help wrap up the first session and then hit the road and find some excellent chow, and perhaps a pint.
  9. Head toward CT, and see what happens from there (depending on the time, etc.)
Should be a lot of fun, I'm happy that I have two buddies volunteering along side me.  We probably wont be sporting the pretzel necklaces this year, but keep your eyes out for the follow guys...

Kenn (ACBF 2009)

Dave (ACBF 2009)

Yours truly (ACBF 2009)

I'm hoping we get a few laughs out of the day, and I learn a little something about putting together a larger beer fest in the hopes of bringing the skill set to future charity beer events back in my neck of the woods.

I may even try to blog or perhaps micro-blog via twitter from the event this year. Sort of a volunteer's log...

Say hi if you see us there!

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