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Friday, November 27, 2009

Craft Beer in Maine

I'm up in Maine for the long Thanksgiving weekend, visiting with the in-laws. There's not much to do or see in this area of Maine, at least not much that doesn't involve a quad, hunting rifle or a pair of hiking boots... But there's beer lovers everywhere, right? Surely there's some quality craft beer to be found...

Well, turns out Maine has a fair amount of craft beer, and a weekend brewery tour maybe just what the , but sadly I'm pretty far from most of what Maine has to offer... In fact, I'm pretty far from everything and everywhere. (We plan to drive an hour tonight, just to get some sea food, an hour for chow, imagine that...)

According to the Maine Brewers' Guild...

Since 1986, Maine has been at the forefront of the craft brew movement. Our state is home to over 20 breweries which produce more than 100 different brands. Wherever you travel in Maine, you'll find locally made ales and lagers that are fresh, unique and sure to please. Cheers!

Included in their list is Oak Pond Brewery, a mere 30 minutes from our Fortress of Solitude... I'm going to try and make a run out there today or tomorrow and will be sure to post a blog update on what I find. (Last year I tried to find the place, but my GPS was not on my side... I'll see if I have more luck this weekend...)

  • Allagash Brewing Co.
  • Andrew's Brewing Co.
  • Atlantic Brewing Co.
  • Bar Harbor Brewing Co.
  • Belfast Bay Brewing Co.
  • Black Bear Brew Pub
  • Casco Bay Brewing Co.
  • D.L. Geary Brewing Company
  • Gritty McDuff's
  • Kennebec River Brewery
  • Maine Coast Brewing/Jack Russell's
  • Oak Pond Brewing Co.
  • Run of the MIll
  • Sea Dog Brewing Co.
  • Sebago Brewing Company
  • Sheepscot Valley Brewing Co.
  • Shipyard Brewing Company
  • Shipyard Brewhaus (seasonal)
  • Shipyard Brewpub - Eliot
  • Sunday River Brewing Co.
  • The Inn on Peaks Island

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