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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Results from Dad's Resolve WitBier

Dad's Resolved Witbier is already 2/3 gone!

Over all the beer came out pretty good...
I wish I added some of the peppery seasoning (coriander) that is traditional with WitBiers, I think that flavor was missing and would have cut back on some of the overbearing qualities of the honey. The honey was not a bad addition to the recipe, but I think next time I would reduce the amount just a bit. Over all the beer was just a little too sweet for my taste, nothing a tart slice of orange couldn't fix I suppose... Again the coriander would have been a nice foil to the sweetness...

Beer is best when enjoyed with friends and good conversation
I cracked open the first of three Tap-A-Draft bottles during my son's 1st birthday party and shared a little with one of the other younger fathers that came out to celebrate. I had some pouring issues that day, but the beer improved throughout the week.

A Note on the Tap-A-Draft system and carbonation
I was previously use to large, fluffy head and related carbonation when I bottled my homebrews. But once I learned how easy bottling could be with some sort of "keg-like" system, I all but abandoned the use of glass bottles. The draw back is, my beer no longer boasts the thick head I had grown accustomed to... Not sure if it's my pouring technique with the Tap-A-Draft, or something else...

At any rate...
I find it's best to pour a beer off the Tap-A-Draft the day before you intend on serving samples to friends... The initial pour is foamy, and for some reason, not that great... When I served some brew up on my son's birthday, the beer was a little too cloudy. While this was intended to be an unfiltered wheat beer, I think the initial blast of CO2 on the first pour kicked up a wee bit too much of the sediment... Moving forward, the beer improved, but as the bottle settled over the course of the week, I found I needed to jostle it a bit, to keep the yeast suspended in the beer.

As you may or may not know, it is customary to agitate a WitBier mid-way through the pour to ensure the yeast at the bottom of the bottle is evenly distributed. This is a little strange with a large blue plastic Tap-A-Draft kit...

"...drink your wine (in this case beer) with a joyful heart, for it is now that God favors what you do."
I was also able to share some of the Dad's Resolve WitBier with my Pastor. He may very well be my number one brewing fan... Too funny! He came over for a visit and shared a story with me over a glass of homebrew.

At a recent meeting, the church elders were having a frustrating time, not getting a lot of work done, and it was hot. The Pastor said, "We should call it a day and go somewhere for a beer and just have a little fellowship." I think he was testing the waters with Romans 14:21-22 in mind, as not all Christians are as open minded or even keeled about beer consumption.

Apparently his elders are, as they all agreed. At this point he mentioned that I made beer, and that he was a big fan. From what the Pastor tells me, the elders actually considered giving me a call to see if I had any cold brew on tap. After hearing this story, I promised to make some sort of Abbey Ale for a future elders meeting. More to follow on that... (More on my views on beer and Christianity here)

A moving experience
I'll be heading over to a buddy's apartment on Friday night to help him pack up and move. I plan to bring the last bottle of Dad's Resolve WitBier with me and share it with who ever shows up to help with the move. I'll try and add some photos of the brew to this post later in the week...

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