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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Dad's Resolved Witbier Bottled

Dad's Resolved Witbier was bottled last Friday, on the 10th... I figure the beer should be ready for a try around the end of the month, hopefully early enough to serve as a treat for yours truly and some of my fellow young fathers at a very special event.

Any recommendations on conditioning time for a Witbier??? If I bottled on the 10th, and chance it will suitable for consumption on or about the weekend of the 25th? I'm thinking another week might have better results, but I'm not sure...

I thought it might be a cool novelty to pour a few homebrews for myself and the other Dads at my son's first birthday, in keeping with the name and all, Dad's Resolved Witbier. It's fitting, as I brewed it as a sort of belated Father's Day bonding activity when my own Dad visited me the week following Father's Day.

Sadly, my son will need to wait about 20 more birthdays before he can partake in the libations... But, as blogged previously, I have visions of us brewing a little homemade root beer with the lad as he gets a little older...


  1. That should be plenty of time. Wits are best consumed young in my book. Just keep it someplace warm for the next couple weeks to let that bottle conditioning complete and you should be all set.

    A big (early) congrats on getting though that first year.


  2. Brian, 2 weeks is my general minimum for conditioning. Wit Bier can be consumed quickly, but I've not had any issues with it going beyond that.

    Good luck with the brew, the wife and I are going to do a Belgian Harvest beer for the fall. Good stuff!


  3. Thanks for the feedback and early congrats guys... I'll probably sample the beer this upcoming weekend... Stay tuned for results...

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