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Sunday, June 21, 2009

A quick note on Pretzel necklaces & the ACBF

We turned a few heads at the fest with our edible jewelry and rugged good looks.

I found Kenn stringing together a couple of pretzel necklaces for us when I picked him up for the ride into Boston. I really wanted to make one myself, but let's face it, I'm lazy. Fortunately Kenn is not. Nor is Dave.

When we were half way there Dave called to let us know that he had made few necklaces as well, so we had enough for everyone. They were a great idea! They set a fun tone for the day right at the start, and we were a bit of a novelty for many of the other fest goers...

While we were not the only ones there that day with pretzel necklaces, I think we pulled it off the best, if I do say so myself...

No twittering this year

This year I decided not to twitter the event, and I didn't even bother with writing any reviews. Nope, this year it was just about relaxing and having fun... Over all we had a blast at the fest, mission accomplished.

Favorite beer of the day: Allagash's Victoria (Experimental Belgian Style Strong Ale w/ Chardonnay grapes / 9.0%)

A great tasting beer with grape, almost wine like, undertones. Might be an excellent beer to share with that wine lover in your life...


  1. Looks like you had a good time. We took it easy and relaxed. No twittering...no real note taking.

  2. Sounds like we had the same approach this year... Good times...

  3. nice necklaces, these are quite different and strange.

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  4. Hi! I used your pictures in our post for GABF. I hope you don't mind! http://theroamingpint.com/1130/first-timers-guide-to-gabf/

  5. No problem, although photo credit would be nice.


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