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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Father's Day Approaches

OK, well my plans for brewing a wheat beer in time for the 4th of July were dashed. I just ran out of time. So I have some alternate plans...

Me and Dad pose for a quick shot before entering the Custom Brewcrafters brewery tour in upstate NY, Dec 2007. Good times!

My Dad is coming up to CT from NC to visit the entire week building up to the 4th. My son, who will be just a few weeks shy of 1 year old by then, will spend the whole week with my dear 'ol Dad. Three generations of manliness and such, good times. (My wife will be finishing up her last week of work before she throws in the towel to become a stay at home Mom...)

To celebrate, I think I brew a batch of beer with Dad. On his last visit, I dragged him off to the homebrew supply shop to buy a secondary and the Tap-A-Draft kit... He even pitched in and helped me rack a batch to the new secondary... But this year, it'll be brewing on the back deck...

At the end of the week, we'll all pile into the family truckster and head Northwest to upstate NY where the rest of the family (my brothers and their wives and kids) will be converging for the 4th... I wont have any homebrew to bring with me, but at least Dad and I can brag about our brewing adventures. And perhaps we'll pay another visit to a local brewery...

In the short term, I'm heading out to the American Craft Beer Fest Saturday, last year was fun, fund and more fun...

And then my wife and son are taking me out on Sunday (after church) for a Father's Day meal and pint at John Harvard's... Should be a nice time, really looking forward to it!

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