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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dad's Resolved Witbier

Father and son, brewing up a batch of Dad's Resolved Witbier...

"Looks like dirty water, but it smells good..."

Dad kicking back with a cold one while the wort boils...

I decided a week or so ago that I would brew up some sort of wheat beer with my father during his visit this week. Sort of a late father's day activity for us. So I took a look at a couple of wheat beer recipes for ideas, and went to my local homebrew shop with Dad in tow this morning to build my own recipe from what they had in stock, on the fly. Here's what I came up with...

1lbs - Torrified Wheat (steeped for 15 minutes at approx 150 degrees)
3 lbs - Muntons Wheat DME (Boil for 60 min)
1 ounce - GR Hallertau 3.8% Alph (Boil for 60 min)
1 ounce - Czech Saaz (Boil for 30 min)
3.3 lbs - Muntons Malt Extract Wheat (Boil for 15 min)
1 lbs - Pure Wildflower Honey (Boil for 4 min)
1 ounce - Bitter Orange Peel (Boil for 4 min)
1 Wyeast Forbidden Fruit Activator Yeast Slap Pack

Dad did a great job of stirring the wort and helping me keep on track with the recipe.

I'm thinking I have some sort of modified Witbier on my hands, at the very least some sort of wheat beer... Those of you that actually know what your talking about, throw me a bone here, do I have anything that fits into a style?

My Dad did a good job helping me brew, but he struggled with the digital camera...
This was the best shot he got of me...

I actually took this "action shot" of myself, just in case Dad's shots didn't come out.

I hope I have something at least half way decent fermenting in the fermentation room, AKA the guest bedroom, downstairs in the finished basement where Dad is staying.

We named it Dad's Resolved Witbier, because this is my first year as a Dad, and I brewed it with my Dad... And Resolved White is a distant relative on my Mom's side. A young boy on the Mayflower, who's Dad actually signed the Mayflower Compact... Let's hope the beer pays a favorable tribute to Dad and Resolve...



  1. Nice post. My dad actually got me started homebrewing. Now everytime I visit he asks, "You're bringing some homebrew right?"

    I think that was his plan all along ;-)

  2. Thanks Adam... Any feedback on the make shift on the fly recipe?

    (Which is happily bubbling away in the my Dad's guest room basement closet...)

  3. Qualifies for a witbier recipe in my book. I think Hoegaarden uses the Forbidden Fruit yeast. For a very traditional Wit, you could also add 1 oz. crushed Indian Coriander and 1/2 oz. Chamomile leaves (just the Chamomile herb, not a blend with any black tea or other herb). Both would go into your secondary in a hop bag, just as you would do a "dry-hop." 1 to 2 weeks, depending on your tastes -- sample every couple of days.

  4. Thanks Hunington, I wanted to add a little corriander to the last few minutes of the boil, but the shop was all out, and I got lazy...

    But, maybe I'll consider adding it as you suggested. But I was not planning on using the secondary on this brew, do you think that is a mistake?

  5. Yeah, you have a WIT there. Like Hunington said, you could add the spices to make it more authentic, but you pretty much had WIT at Wheat and orange peel! LOL

  6. That's what I was thinking, just wanted to be sure I didn't have just a bucket of dirty water... (see Dad's video comments, just added)

  7. Now do I need to put the coriander in a bag, or can I just drop some in to the carboy after the initial fermentation is done? (Don't want to use a secondary one this one...)

    Any risk of contamination?

  8. That I'm not sure of. I'm thinking the bag is just so you don't have it in your bottles at the end, but if you siphon into another bucket for bottling you should be ok without.

  9. Sounds like a good recipe. Hope it turned out well. Neat family history there too! I was wondering where the name of the brew came from. By the way is that a, uh, still on the deck? Hehe.

  10. Thanks Drew... I appreciate the kind words... I bottled the brew last week in my Tap-A-Draft bottles. I hope that it's conditioned and carbonated enough for a taste toward the end of the month. It would make for an excellent treat (for the adults) on my son's first birthday...

  11. Good post - sounds like a pretty thick one! Any idea what gravity it started at? You expecting a strong ber?

  12. Leon,

    I took a hydrometer reading, but I can't seem to find my notes at the moment...

    You think I may have put a wee bit too much in there?


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