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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Beersmith downloaded, now what?

OK, I've been talking about downloading a recipe making program for some time now, and tonight I finally did it. I downloaded the trial version of beersmith in the hopes of using it to brew something soon, so it will be done in time for a family reunion of sorts on the 4th of July weekend...

My goal is to brew an extract recipe (with some grains for steeping) that would have wide appeal for the holiday BBQ set. And I need to get going soon if I want it to be ready in time. I'm thinking a wheat beer of sorts...

Here's the problem, I have no idea where to start. Sure the software is pretty straight forward... Pick a style, click on the ingredients and keep it within the style parameters, etc... But I'm looking for a kick start here... Does anyone have a good Witbier or Hefeweizen recipe they'd recommend? Something I can plug into BeerSmith and perhaps tweak a bit? And if so, what are my chances of brewing this upcoming weekend, and having it ready by the 4th?

Anyone??? A little help???

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