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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fermentation Friday: Embrace Your Spring Fever

Spring has sprung, well almost...

I'm proud to be this month's host for Fermentation Friday.

March is an interesting month. It's a time of transition and change from the cold unforgiving temperatures of winter, to the comforts and beauty of Spring. As the seasons change, life seems to be renewed, the wild life awakens from their Winter slumber, flowers bud and things begin to grow, the snow melts and streams start to swell. And home-brewers recapture their back decks and open garage bays, hobbyist embrace that feeling of growth and change and make leaps and bounds in their craft.

Perhaps you're like me and want to make that jump from brew kits and borrowed recipes to brewing up your own original recipes... Maybe you want to plunge head first into all grain brewing... Or maybe you're well past that stage, but you've gotten stagnant and want to try something new, exciting and innovated... Perhaps you want try your luck at so called "extreme brewing" or maybe you want to embrace Spring and start your own hop garden...

So, this month's Fermentation Friday topic is, "How will you grow or change as a homebrewer this Spring? How will you embrace your Spring fever and channel it toward your homebrewing endeavors?"

Post your contributions to this month's Fermentation Friday, and then add a link in the comments of this post on March 27th. Then check back on March 28th for a round up of all the Fermentation Friday posts right here at homebrewbeer.net...

Fermentation Friday was started by Adam over at Beer Bits 2, and it’s a chance for all homebrew bloggers to sound off on a singular theme at a set date - the last Friday of each month (check out Adam’s post explaining the origins).


  1. Cool...this looks like something I'd like to try. So I will. Love the picture by the way. Thinking of picking up a rhizome or two at my local shop for this year, even though I'm moving to RI this July...

  2. I would love to grow my own hops... It's on the todo list...

  3. Thanks for hosting Byron. I put my entry up a little early simply because I had a few moments to spare.

  4. Thanks Andy... Better early than never...

  5. Ok, I got it done early too, so I might as well post it. My Fermentation Friday post is here.

    Thanks for hosting this!

  6. Thanks for hosting!

    My entry is up!

  7. Thanks for hosting, I posted while watching the Sweet 16, go Orange! Lets see an all Big East Final Four!


  8. Keep them coming... I'll have the round up posted tomorrow...

  9. Hey there, we just posted our FF entry over at Bathtub Brewery. Thanks for hosting!

  10. Here's my post for today's Fermentation Friday:



  11. Cheers!

    You had to pick this topic. Just remember. Its all your fault if I go through with it.

  12. Good topic this month for me to start getting into the game!!



  13. Adam,

    Too funny... I'm an agent of change!


    Keep them coming folks. Wrap will be posted some time tomorrow...

    I'm off to grab a few pints and help my buddy Kenn celebrate his birthday....


  14. Hi Byron,

    Thanks for hosting here is my post.


    Matt C.

  15. My post is up. Here! Thanks for hosting.


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