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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Tomorrow night, I brew...

OK, I'm finally get off my keester and brewing a batch this weekend...

It'll only be a recipe kit brew, but at least it's something. After work today, I made a quick stop over at brew and wine hobby to pick up a new hydrometer (I broke my last one), a new bung (I had problems with my last bung too), some sanitizer (no story on this, just needed some), and based on some input from some of you out there, an American Pale Ale recipe kit. Actually it's Brewer's Best American Micro Style Pale Ale... Is there a difference between American Micro Style Pale Ale and American Pale Ale?

This recipe is designed after the most popular micro pale ales. Good body, golden color and plenty of hops.

I also did a little research on the cost of parts I'll need for my eventual ascension to the lofty heights of all grain brewing... All in due time though, all in due time...

Baby sitting while brewing...
A couple of my buddies, young budding home brewers in their own right, may stop in and brew with me... Not sure yet, but the original plan was to either brew or go out. Since the mother in-law has departed, I'll be baby sitting that night and therefore firmly planted at the old homestead. So this may or may not be a solo operation this weekend... The boy should be out cold by 7 p. m. so brewing shouldn't interfere with the lad's well being, nor vice-versa...

Baby's and homebrew, a match made in heaven...

Some issues I must deal with:
  • Must clear some of the snow and ice from the back deck to use the turkey cooker...
  • Must ensure I have propane for the turkey cooker...
  • Must beg Dave to let me use his wort chiller, then again, maybe the snow would make a nice chilling pot holder? Would that work???
  • Most post the old update to Franken-Brew before I post again... (I'm months behind on my blogging and brewing...)

Crap! I just had a thought... Do I need a special bung for a "better bottle" carboy? Might need to get one as my secondary glass carboy is still holding tight to my old bung...


  1. I use an orange carboy cap/hood for my better bottles - airlock goes in top. No bungs here.

  2. ahhhh... do you have a photo online?

  3. Good luck! Mixing family and brewing is a must when you have kids.

    If you use the snow, be careful not to slip on the ice. Of course you could just put some in a bucket and use it like an ice bath.

  4. A snowbank makes a good wort chiller.
    I used one here last week...

    Nice site. Just getting back into brewing (and decided to blog about it) after several years. Like you, I have family - 4 kids (though my youngest is 17 months...not a newborn like yours).

    Hope your brew day went well. I'm planning on at least racking my porter to secondary (and hopefully brewing an IPA) this weekend.

    I found your blog just by googling for home brewing blogs. I'll be blogrolling you, once I get around to putting one on my own homebrew blog.


  5. Ok, you need to let us know how it went!!!

  6. Nice blog!

    We started brewing about 7 months ago and have been getting more and more in to it ever since. Recently took on a brewing partner (also new to brewing) and we went all grain - it's been great!

    Good luck and keep posting.

  7. Adorable!

    Thought you might find this DUY vid interesting: Canadian Tourism has put together a unique vid on the process of making beer using icebergs as the water source

  8. Adam, that is so true with the kids... I want to teach the boy how to brew rootbeer when he's older.

    Bull, glad you're getting back into brewing Thanks for blogrolling me!

    Ben, it went well enough: In case you missed the update

    Sean, Jess and Mia, thanks! Glad you found my site and homebrewing as a hobby. Always better to brew with a buddy...

    Thanks Canada...


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