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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Dogfish Head Alehouse

Jesse and I high tailed it to Dogfish Head Alehouse after missing the Flyingdog tour.

So many choices, so little time...

After we departed Flyingdog last week, we swung over to Dogfish Head brew pub for some chow and a couple more craft brews. We hit the Gaithersburg location.

A nice place, think wood grain, dim yet warm lighting, good beer and good food...

Here's what the guys from Dogfish Head have to say over at their site...

Here you'll find many of the favorite features that folks have enjoyed at the original Rehoboth, Delaware Brewpub for more than ten years; comfortable, casual surroundings and service, tasty and unique wood grilled food and, of course, the craft-brewed Dogfish ales! Don't forget to check out our newest Alehouse in Falls Church, Virginia.

When you visit, first check our beer chalkboard, it'll tell you what we have on tap. We usually have a great selection of the year-round beers, and we get all of the seasonal and special release beers - you can certainly quench your thirst for Dogfish here! And keep in mind - any choice you make travels only two hours from the brew vats in Milton, Delaware to our beer taps in Gaithersburg.

Wings and a sampler, can't go wrong...

We split a plate of extra crispy, hot all drum, buffalo wings. (They left 2 wings under the pile of drums, but I guess you can't win them all...) I also decided to get a sampler and took some notes via twitter on each of the samples. Here's what I twittered:

Have cell phone, will twitter...
  • 60 Min IPA: great session IPA, citrusy hop finish... 5:59 PM
  • 90 Min IPA: decadent, velvety, rich malty and hoppy... sip this puppy, 9 % ABV 6:04 PM
  • Indian Brown Ale: Brown Ale meets IPA... Awesome hybrid, something for the hop head and malt head alike... 6:12 PM
  • Shelter Pale Ale: OK, peanut finish... Good with some pan-Asian food or maybe PB&J? 5:56 PM
  • Chicory Stout: coffee & licorice... Don't love it but well built none the less... 6:17 PM
From your left to your right, Chicory Stout, Shelter Pale Ale, 60 Min IP, 90 Min IPA, Indian Brown Ale, Shelter Pale Ale, and one cool dude... (note: cool dude is way in the background...)

I had a really good bacon cheeseburger and rounded the night off with a pint of 60 minute IPA, all good. Jesse had a Lawnmower Light, which he said was a, "...great beer for a hot day of mowing lawns, go figure..." He paired that with a portabella mushroom burger, which he thought was pretty good as well.

Regarding the local DC/Baltimore area brewpub scene... So far, Dogfish Head and Rock Bottom in Bethesda are my favorite area brew pubs... Du Claws is pretty good too, but I was not overly impressed with Capital City or Gordon Biersch. In fairness to Capital City and Gordon Biersch, we hit those places after walking across DC in the cold rain. I was just underwhelmed by their customer service.

We really enjoyed Dogfish Head Alhouse and may try to squeeze in a trip to see the "the brew vats in Milton, Delaware" before we leave the area if time permits. Stay tuned!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Flyingdog tasting room (missed the tour)

Road trip!

A friend and I took the hour ride out (from where we currently stay for work) to Flyingdog in Fredrick Maryland to catch a tour. On our way their it started to rain heavily, and apparently Maryland drivers can't hack it. With slow moving traffic, and marginal GPS directions, we got there a little late. And although they let us sign up for a tour, that tour never took place.

Jesse was kind enough to drive...

That's OK though, we still managed to hang out for a couple of hours, try some tasty brews and spoke with Adam, one of the guys who gives the tours. When Adam found out we were military guys, he was very cool and invited us back urging us to bring some more of the troops with us. He even said no charge next time. Here's how it works...

Enjoying a pint and glad to be out of the rain...

Jesse raises his pint in good cheer

When you get to Flyingdog you dish out $5 and you get a company logo emblazoned pint glass for sampling and for a keepsake. Unlike some breweries, there are no tokens to exchange for beer, nor are there any limits to the amount of samples you can enjoy. (Within reason I'm sure...)

Flyingdog and Wild Goose brews on tap...

The tasting room offers the full array of Flyingdog Ales available as well as the beers from Wild Goose.

A large crowd kicking back and enjoy friendly conversation over a few good brews

The crowd was larger than I've seen at other breweries, and for the most part, they were younger and perhaps a bit more trendy. Don't get me wrong, there were plenty of "middle aged folks" that bellied up to the bar too. They also had an outdoor patio, which remained popular for the smokers despite the rain.

Our GPS didn't get is all the way there, but we knew we were good when we saw the logo

The tasting room is large with one side festooned with framed prints of Ralph Steadman's beer label artwork, and the other side consisting of large nearly floor to cieling windows.

Nice place, great beer, good time...

Beers of note from the tasting were as follows:
  • Snake Dog IPA - An overall solid IPA...
  • In-Heat Wheat Hefeweizen - Interesting aroma/flavor. Jesse decided it smelled/tasted a little bit like BBQ sauce. And now that he mentioned it, I think I agree. How odd... Probably the banna and clove translated into something else in our minds.
  • Double Dog Double Pale Ale - Good but not for the faint of heart. Hoppy...
Found these youtube clips, which may give us a better idea of what we missed on the tour. Although, these were shot at their old brewery in Colorado...

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