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Sunday, October 19, 2008

DuClaw & Ram's Head Tavern

Its only my first weekend in Maryland, and I've already visited three places on my list Friday night, after a particularly lame ice breaker after work, I convinced a few folks from my my class to head out to DuClaw for some local brews and happy hour chow.

We were lucky we got to DuClaws during happy hour as the beers were only $2.50! I enjoyed a few Hellrazor IPAs along with a plate of Buffalo wings and a bacon cheeseburger.

Some words from DuClaw regarding Hellrazor...

From the first sip this American-style India Pale Ale gets in your face with an unruly hop bitterness, big floral flavors and aroma, and just enough malt character to keep you from giving in and acting up.

Hellrazor is an American-Style Pale Ale, light amber in color, mostly clear with a slight haze. A nicely hopped beer, with a solid enough malt backbone to maintain balance. I really enjoyed this one, and you might too.

The wings and burger were typical Friday night bar food, not bad, but not great, just standard. That being said, DuClaws is a solid local brewpub chain with quality beer and fair happy hour prices. Worse case senario, a great place to end a dull trip to the mall...

Our waitress at DuClaws was top notch! She even gave me a little local intel on where we should go next. Based on her recommendation, after a short but confusing drive, I was able to check off another stop on my list and visit Ram's Head Tavern in Savage, Maryland.

Ram's Head Tavern

Ram's Head calls an old mill its home. A very cool looking location!

An old mill lives a second life as Ram's Head Tavern. Ram's Head has a little something for everyone, featuring a huge back deck with built in heaters for outside dining, a quiet bar inside for drinks and friendly conversation, and a more lively bar down stairs with music, darts and pool.

Downstairs provides a fun location to cut loose...

They have a fair selection beer, with some of their own local Fordham brews on tap. Ram's Head, with its multiple locations, is owned by the same company that runs the Fordham Brewery. I took this opportunity to enjoy a Fordham Helles Lager and a Fordham Tavern Ale right off the tap.

Some words from Fordham regarding the Helles Lager...

This Bavarian style lager is brewed with four different German grains to produce a deep golden color and intricate flavor profile. Three hop varieties are used to help craft the subtle bitterness. The result is a clean and refreshing lager we know you'll enjoy. Voted "Best Local Lager" by Baltimore Magazine.

Some words from Fordham regarding the Tavern Ale...

This American Style Pale Ale has an ample amount of malt flavor to compliment its strong hop profile. It's cold conditioned on fresh whole leaf Cascade hops, creating an enjoyable citrus-like aroma.

Both brews were pretty good, although I did not have the time to take notes on them for a more formal review. I'll save the more in depth analysis for next time. You should give them a try if you get the chance... I hope to visit their brewery at some point during my Maryland adventure.

Next post, Clipper City Brewery Tour and a conversation with Hugh Sisson!

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