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Saturday, June 21, 2008

American Craft Beer Fest (via Twitter)

I'm heading out to Boston this morning to take part in session 1 of the American Craft Beer Fest with a couple of friends. 75 American brewers, 300 craft beers! What more could a guy ask for?

Stay tuned for updates via Twitter...
I've never really used Twitter, minus a few times I goofed around with it as a proof of concept. But today I will try to update my blog, via my cell phone and Twitter, in part to chronicle my adventure, and also to take electronic notes that I will use to flesh out for a full on blog post later in the week. (If I have the time that is...)

This little exercise in electronic media may or may not be of interest to anyone out there in the beer blogging world. I notice I some how gained 4 followers on twitter, although I really never did anything with it. so maybe, at the very least, you four lonely souls will gather some sort of insight into what makes this guy tick...

At any rate, I've moved my Twitter updates to the top of my blog, just above this post as a matter of fact! (Unless you looking at this days later after I've posted again, but you get my point.) If you get bored, stop in and keep tabs on me and the American Craft Beer Fest!


American Craft Beer Fest: Good Times

Final Thoughts on the American Craft Beer Fest

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