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Monday, April 28, 2008

Bloggling and Bottling day

Today is a rainy Monday, a perfect day for blogging, and bottling...

I'm fortunate to have today off from work, which gives me time to get my Witbier out of the carboy and into the bottles! I'm pretty psyched, as I got to use my thief today and it proved to be one of the most simple yet useful home brewing tools I've ever had the pleasure of using.

Video - This guy shows how to use the thief, if you can stand the sound of the traffic...

The thief rocks! The best/easiest hydrometer reading I've ever had. The F.G. was exactly where I needed it to be, so all is well. I currently have my bottles cleaning/sanitizing. Once they're ready, I'll get to bottling. In the mean time, some blogging...

I've recently added a few new sites to my Other Beer Bloggers of Note section, located towards the bottom of the site along the right side. If you haven't check out these blogs, you really should. Each one offers a unique perspective on beer and/or home brewing. My most recent additions are highlighted below:

Also, I've added twitter to my site. Not sure why, I just did, after reading this discussion over at the aleuminati: Twitter (All in a ...)

The verdict is not out yet on how useful, if at all, this will be. Might be a good thing for blogging on road trips or staying in touch with other beer bloggers. Time will tell...

That's it for now, I gotta run some errands while the bottles do their thing... More to follow!

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