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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Beer Menu: A great tool for your next trip to NYC

Have you seen beermenu.com yet? Now where was this great tool when I was planning my semi-recent NYC beer tour?

They just launched the site today but they already have 1210 different beers listed and where you can find them in the city.

Cool site, started by "avid beer lovers who started homebrewing at ages 4 and 7..." (Pictured on the left.)

Too funny! I wonder if their parents knew they homebrewed, and if they let them sample the fruits of their labor?


  1. Thanks for the kind words. Our dad got us into homebrewing and we definitely sampled the fruits of our labor :)

    If you have any ideas for how we could improve the site, we'd love to hear them.

  2. Eric,

    The site is nice, simple and clean. I could use a similar site for CT, any thoughts of adding sub domains for other areas?

    You could also add user's bar and beer reviews. And maybe a pub crawl route mapping feature with foot, car or mass transit options.


  3. Thanks for the great feedback Byron. We're currently working on setting up the infrastructure to add other cities.

    We're also thinking about beer and bar reviews. A pub crawl mapping feature is also a great idea.


  4. No problem Eric... Best of luck to you with the site. One last idea... You should work out some sort of way for bloggers to plug your site into their blogs... Maybe an insert map tool or something...

    Take care!

  5. Thanks Byron!

    We have an initial version of a map widget that bloggers could embed on their sites. We're going to clean it up and release it soon.


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