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Monday, February 4, 2008

Where do the candidates stand on home brewing?

I've decided to contact some of the remaining Presidential candidates today (via their web sites) and ask them a few questions about beer and home brewing. I hope that someone from their campaign staff at least takes the time to read through these and respond. Check back later to see if I get any responses. Now onto the questions...

Q: A number of states still have laws that date back to prohibition, banning the hobby and craft of home brewing. If elected what will you do about that?

Q: We hear a lot of talk about reducing the prices of energy, particularly oil, but what about the prices of hops and barley? These rising prices are hitting the American consumer in the wallet, if elected what will you do to help with this issue?

Q: A number of states are levying higher taxes on beer; ultimately this hurts the consumer and the industry. What are your thoughts on the subject?

Q: A question often asked is, "Which candidate would you most want to have a beer with." Do you enjoy quality beer, and if so, what is your beer of choice?


  1. Ron Paul? Who the hell would want to have a beer with that wack-job?

  2. Ron Paul? Why do you ask about Ron Paul? I sent the questions to him and most of the remaining candidates... Not just him...

  3. Sorry about that, I entered who I would have a beer with and there were like 20% of the people that said Ron Paul. Nothing to do with your post ;-)

  4. ahhh.... So you would pick Ron Paul? Maybe you can help me get these questions out... Do you post to political blogs or discussion groups?


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