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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Harpoon v. Brooklyn breweries Super Bowl bet video

Harpoon Brewery in Boston challenged Brooklyn Brewery in New York to a Super Bowl bet...and lost. With the Giants win over the Patriots 17-14, Harpoon had to let Brooklyn tap their lager at the Boston brewery.

Either way, this is a pretty cool deal. I think it's great that the two companies could have a fun bet. It's good that they don't take themselves too seriously. Besides, this is good publicity for both companies, a win-win...


  1. very cool. That's way cooler than Spitzer's bet with the Gov of Mass.

  2. Very cool indeed! That Harpoon tasting room offers a pretty good time. Check out my post on my visit to Harpoon last year. Good time!!!

    By the way, what was Spitzer's bet?


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