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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Something special in the mail from Flying Dog

If you recall, I struck up a bit of a conversation with Josh Mishell from Flying Dog Brewery via blog comments and email last month. Josh was kind enough to agree to send me a sample (for reviewing purposes) of Wild Dog Doppelbock, AKA the Collaborator, after I commented on how cool I thought the whole Open Source Beer Project was.

The Collaborator came without a label

Josh was true to his word and arranged for something special to be sent to me in the mail. Today, a package arrived from Stephanie Kerchner, PR & Events Coordinator from Flying Dog Brewery. Stephanie was kind enough to include not only a sample of the Collaborator, but also samples of both Wild Dog Barrel-Aged Horn Dog and K-9 Cruiser Winter Ale. I can't wait to sample and review these babies! (Guess what I'm doing tomorrow night!)

Note the sweat, read this for more info

It was pretty funny, I was so excited to see the box when I got home from the gym, I didn't even wait to shower and change before I ripped open the box. My wife thought it was a little tacky for me to post a photo with my sweaty workout clothes on, but I say BAH! I was like a kid on Christmas, and I can't wait to try out my new toys!

Stay tuned for some reviews!

Also, Stephanie was kind enough to offer me an opportunity to interview Flying Dog Brewery's Head Brewer, Matt Brophy. I intend on taking her up on the offer, and here's where you come in.

Do you have a questions you want me to ask Matt Brophy? Perhaps a question about the company, or about making the jump from home brewing to pro-brewing. I'm all ears, and I'll be happy to share my interview opportunity with you, just leave your question in the comments with some way for me to contact you if I need more info. Or shoot me an email at bryon|@|homebrewbeer.net and share your questions with me...


  1. Great stuff! I like flying dogs style. They have a great marketing with all the wild artwork and everything.

    the question I would have to the head brewer is:

    Are there any plans to make brews that are lighter on the hops considering the hop prices? If so, could you clue us in on some of the interesting styles you are considering to accommodate this change?


  2. I'll be sure to include your question...


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