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Monday, November 12, 2007

Overcoming a Frat Party Reputation - NYTs

Check out this cool article featuring the guys from BeerAdvocate.com...

Here's some standout clippings from the article...

On sites like beeradvocate.com, ratebeer.com and realbeer.com, in blogs and bars, restaurants and stores in about every big city, beer cognoscenti debate and argue over beer styles, issues of authenticity, alcohol levels and of course which beers they like best.

Or this little gem that equates beer geeks to sci-fi and computer geeks...

Without the pastoral mystique that has been appropriated by wine producers or the suave, sophisticated imagery of the wine drinker, beer lovers have largely retreated to the antistyle precincts associated with such proverbial social outcasts as computer nerds and science fiction fanatics.

Bizarre facial hair, unflattering T-shirts and strange headgear are standard equipment among beer geeks.“Before the Internet, computer nerds felt on the outside but now they’re accepted,” Todd said. “I think beer geeks are the same way. We’ll look back 10 years from now and remember what it was like.”

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  1. I'm the perfect blend of real beer lover and frat boy... Well, not really. I was never in a frat and never cared much for the concept. But I've thrown more than my share of keg parties, love beer-pong and have had some crazy beer influenced adventures in my past. But I'm learning to respect beer more and more every day. I just like to keep it light and remember to have fun...

    Nothing wrong with that right?

  2. I agree. I am the stereotypical frat guy that drank too much terrible beer in college and still has the occasional "bender".

    I love the beer is getting high brow. I feel bad for my wife because the only places I like to go to are the pubs with 15+ taps and old drunk men hanging out.

    With that said, we can't get too out of our element. As much as beer has culture and real beer geeks are a thing to behold, don't forget, it's also a lot of fun! After all, that's why we drink it. If we get ahead of our selves, it's going to turn people off and that's exactly what we don't want to do.

    The more people the merrier in this hobby/lifestyle. It will expand to more ideas and more areas that beer can be taken that we have not even thought of.

  3. Yep, we gotta keep it fun and keep it light...


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