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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

My turkey and beer pairing

I decided to pair my Thanksgiving turkey with a couple Brown Ales tomorrow. I was going to go for one of those high end beers that come in a larger corked bottle, something to add a little class to the meal. After some thought, I decided against that. I didn't want to get too exotic or extreme as the friends I'm having over aren't big into craft beers. I didn't want to go too far over the top for folks that typically drink Lite macro-brews.

I didn't get any feedback from any of you out there, so I decided to hit the package store and ask the "beer kid" that works there for his advice. While we discussed the best options for my situation and planned meal, we were interrupted by a middle aged guy that over heard us talking beer and turkey.

He figured we were both beer experts and asked us what we thought of the beer he was holding. When we looked down and saw the case of Michelob Ultra, we both laughed. I tried to explain that it was basically a low end beer who's only real claim to fame was it's low carb count. If he was looking for quality beer, he didn't find it, but if he was looking to cut carbs, he hit pay dirt. When asked what sort of beer he usually enjoyed, he bragged that Bud was his beer of choice. Might as well drink the Ultra, just as bad but with less carbs.

We did the best we could to help him, and managed to talked him into putting the case down and getting some Stella Artois instead. Clearly the lesser of two evils. It was our combined good deed for the day.

After a few minutes of discussion and debate, I finally chose a six-pack of Harpoon's Brown Session Ale and a six-pack of Brooklyn Brewery's Brown Ale. I'll let you know how well they go with Turkey on Friday.

Leave a comment and let me know what you drank with your turkey this year.

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