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Sunday, November 11, 2007

McSorley's video clips

I'll post the final part of my New York City trip tomorrow... In the mean time here's two short video clips I just found from our time at McSorley's.

The first clip is my view of Chris ordering us a round of beers, the second is a very shot clip of us drinking that round. Kenn thought the camera was in photo mode and accidentally captured some video...


  1. Hi - does anyone know the recipe for McSorleys Dark? I am a homebrewer on the West Coast and go there everytime I'm in NYC but not often enough, and they don't sell it out here.


  2. I don't, sorry... But there are many clone recipes out there...

    Someone may have one...

  3. Not to sound like a jerk, but you only ordered 4 beers for your round?

    Any true McSorley's patron knows that the answer to "what'll ya have?" is "ten and ten!"

    Even when you're by yourself (probably especially when you're by yourself)..."ten and ten!" lol


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