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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Thanksgiving beer pairing & Bob Skilnik

I'm going to hit the local package store tomorrow and pick up some beer for Thanksgiving. A couple buddies may stop in and share the meal with me and the wife, and I thought it would be cool to do some Turkey/Beer pairing.

Here's what the Brewers Association has to say about beer on Thanksgiving...

The Pilgrims were ale drinkers and most likely enjoyed beer at the first Thanksgiving. Indeed, a darkish ale has been brewed for feasts at Plymouth Plantation, the "living museum" of Pilgrim life, in Massachusetts.

That’s why more and more savvy Americans tap a great beer as the perfect companion for their holiday meal.

Seems fitting for me to have beer on Thanksgiving. Especially since members of my family claim to have traced our roots all the way to the Mayflower. Just one more reason to enjoy a quality beer.

They recommend something like an Oktoberfest or a Brown Ale as a good match for a roast turkey, and an all-malt pilsner, a dark lager or a red ale would go nicely with creamy butter rich items like mashed potatoes. I think I'd stick with something to pair with the Turkey and stuffing, as those are my favorites. But something to complement the low brow canned cranberry sauce I love so much would be cool too.

Anyone have any specific recommendations for a good craft beer I'm likely able to find at the local package store (which has a fair selection) that will complement my meal? If so, please leave a comment! I'm leaning towards a great Oktoberfest... Happy Thanksgiving!

Side bar: Bob Skilnik takes no "nonsense"

Apparently the silly quote below, which I found elsewhere online and included it on the side of the blog, is not true, and Bob Skilnik is calling me on it...

"When the pilgrims, seeking religious freedom, landed at Plymouth rock, the first permanent building put up was the brewery.” — Jim West

HA! Too funny! Relax Mr. Skilnik, I just thought it was a humorous and interesting quote, nothing more. I found it by doing a google search for brewery related quotes, and placed it next to my link to the beer mapping project (a great tool to find breweries). You can find this quote, right, wrong or indifferent, on any number of quote web sites. I did not create the quote and make no claim to any historic relevance. I suggest you take this up with Jim West. I don't know who he is either, sorry...

Thanks for keeping us all honest. I'm flattered you read my blog despite all the "nonsense" I include.

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