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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Gamerator: Arcade Cabinet + Kegerator = good

You can probably tell that I love beer, and I'm obviously into home brewing...

But you may not know that I love video games too. In fact, I have my own MAME arcade set up at the house, kinda like this setup "Ubercade" my buddy Erik put together... Erik helped me whip up a similar MAME cabinet, but I don't have a web page up for it, nor did I ever get to finish the project. It's on my to do list.

Now the only thing better than beer or video games is a combination of the two. Like Barcade in Brooklyn, which I will discuss further in future installments of my New York Beer Tour... (Still waiting on images from Chris!)

What could be better than going to a great bar and drinking great beer while playing classic arcade games??? How about kegging your own home brewed beer and serving it off a tap on your own arcade cabinet/kegerator?

Enter the Gamerator! Holy crap, I need this thing in my life in a big way!!!! Or as Erik said in his email alerting me to this technological wonder, "Oh sweet jesus, it is splendid!"

Sweet Jumping Pac-Messiah, this is a thing of endorphin-dumping beauty: The "Gamerator," a full-size MAME cabinet with a refrigerated interior that holds a pony keg that releases a stream of malty beer from a tap in front. It's available for auction right now on eBay starting at $2k. (cache, just in case it goes bye bye...)

I think I may need to combine two geeky hobbies and set my MAME cabinet up like this some day... Too damned cool!

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