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Monday, October 15, 2007

Waiting eagerly to crack open my brew

My most recent attempt at home brewing is nearly complete. The beer has been bottled and has been conditioning in basement for about a week or so now. I should be able to crack one open in next Sunday and see how I did. Although I'm told a few extra weeks of conditioning would make it all the better.

In the mean time I've got to get back to the gym. After a 4 day stint on sick leave, and then a 3 day weekend of none stop work, there hasn't been a great deal of time in the schedule for me to workout, and I've been eating poorly the entire time. We ordered Chinese food last night, That General Tso gets me all the time...

I think I'll take my beer's lead and spend the next week conditioning. In this case I will not be sitting in my dark basement waiting for my taste to improve, but I will be working out and more closely monitoring my diet (beer included) over at my traineo page.

Stay tuned for my brew results and the final installment of my Boston Beer Tour.


  1. Isn't Tom Petty that said "the wait is the hardest part"? I would have to agree.

  2. Agreed, that's why I keg most of my beer. Somehow it isn't the same though.

    Good luck with the conditioning on both fronts!

  3. Travis, Tom certainly had it right.

    Adam, kegging is something I plan to get into once I refine my mediocre brewing skills. I may need to pick your brain a few months or so down the road. Side bar, I hit the gym hard today, getting back on track, that beer sets a good example...

    Ben, thanks for the well wishes, I'll let you all know...

    I'm throwing a last minute b-day BBQ at the house on Sat for my wife. I'll use that opportunity to test out the beer with the folks that come over... More to follow...

    have a good one!


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