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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Other Beer Bloggers of Note

I'm taking a little break from blogging about my Boston Beer Tour to highlight some beer bloggers of note that have recently visited my site and have been kind enough to tell their own site visitors about me. If you haven't made it all the way down the right hand column on my blog, I encourage you to do so. There's a bunch of great information there, not the least of all is a small yet growing list of quality beer bloggers that I have stumbled upon, or who have stumbled upon me. The list is right there above the RSBS feed.

Monday Night Brewery
The guys over at Monday Night Brewery were kind enough to feature my blog in one of their posts. This is a pretty big deal as their blog is insanely popular by Technorati standards, and also because these guys are doing something I'd only dream of. Their actually making an effort to one day open their own brewery, not just day dreaming about it, but actually doing something about it. If only I had the guts and time... They already have a full line of beers, with labels and marketing stuff already designed no less! And I thought switching from a plastic fermenter to a glass carboy was a big deal...

Bryce Eddings, the featured beer expert at about.com honored me by including a link to my blog in his list of beer blogs. He has my site listed as "HomeBrewBeer - Documenting the fits and starts of a new brewer." So I guess I'm more or less featured as the typical new home brewer, that is too cool! It also doesn't hurt that beer.about.com is also insanely popular on the Technorati scale.

The Beer Pirate
Who is the Beer Pirate? The Beer Pirate's real name is Carrie, and she loves beer! She learned to love beer from her Dad and it's her goal to pass on her love and knowledge of quality beer to world through her blog. It's her hope that her site, "...can be a blog where my fellow beer-lovers can find beers by local brewers that interest them, as well as learn new ways to appreciate and enjoy beer." Carrie was kind enough to add my blog to her blog roll. I'm honored to be listed on such a quality beer site. Thanks!

Side bar, once I get Boston out of my system for a while, I plan on doing a New York City Beer Tour, so Carrie, if you're reading this, I may need to pick your brain for good locations!

Beer Bits 2
Adam, over at Beer Bits 2 was kind enough to add my site to his list of "New Links (He's) Checkin' Out"... Adam's site has a ton of great information on it. And he is really, REALLY into home brewing. I mean, the man is growing his own hops for god's sake! How cool is that?!? I gotta try that one of these days... Adam is one of those guys that the novice home brewer like me looks up to in awe... Adam, you're awesome, thanks for the linkage!


  1. Wow! Thanks for the props. Now I have to go and live up to it!

    You know your site isn't too shabby either. Keep up the postin'.

    If you ever need tips on the hop growing thing let me know. It really is easier than most people think. Hardest thing is having room and the time it takes to harvest them.


  2. Thanks Adam. It can be difficult to find time to keep up the blog with work and all. But it's a fun distraction from every day life.

    It would be fun to grow hops, even just as a conversation piece in the yard. But you're right, that harvesting looks like a true labor of love, with the emphasis on labor...

  3. Byron,

    I just noticed you had me on your blog roll and I was not reciprocating. I fixed that up though.

    Keep on keeping on brew man.



  4. Thanks Travis! I added you back in May. If you recall you gave me a ton of great home brewing advice via several blog comments! It was the least I could do!


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