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Sunday, October 21, 2007

My English Pale Ale: It's not bad!

OK, so I cracked open a couple bottles of my English Pale Ale tonight and shared it with a few friends... And the verdict is...

Well, it's not too bad! Granted I didn't give it enough time to chill, and it'll probably be a little better after some additional conditioning, but over all, pretty damn good...

Check out this MP3 audio review... (OK, that's not really a review of my beer, but I had you there for a minute, no?)

2 second review:
English Pale Ales are known for their clarity, but that's not the case with my rendition of the English classic. While it does have a pleasant copper to reddish amber to it, it's also a little cloudy. This may be a case for secondary fermentation for future home brews. Not a big deal though, it's still a pretty beer.

My Pale Ale has excellent head retention. I tried to get my buddy to snap a good photo of me with a "beer head mustache" but the images were all too disturbing to post here... I think BigDog put it best when he commented on the Ale's well balanced mixture of fruity sweet flavors and hoppy bitterness. OK, those weren't his exact words, but that's what he meant...

Here's BigDog's take on my beer, note no babies or mommies were harmed in the making of this beer nor this video clip...

There you have it... Stay tuned for some real tasting reviews some time over the next week or two, after some additional conditioning...

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