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Saturday, October 6, 2007

The Kegulator

Now this is a great idea! The wife and I occasionally throw a party every now and then and we always struggle with how much beer we should buy. Some times we get it right, sometimes we don't. (Party Throwing Tip: Always keep an emergency case of beer in the house, just in case you run out!)

When we provide kegs at our gathering (it hasn't been for a number of years now, we're getting old!) I typically like to get a half barrel of something low end to satisfy those that drink in bulk or just don't like quality flavorful beer, and then I get a smaller keg (or log) of something more local and higher quality.

If you want to take the guessing out of the beer equation the next time you throw a party, give the Kegulator a try! What's the Kegulaor?

It's an online "application" that helps you determine the right amount of beer, ice and cups to get for your party.

What ever you drink, do so in moderation and drive safely!


  1. Other calculators for determining how much beer is needed.


  2. Thanks Christian! I'll keep those in mind the next time we host a kegger!

    So how did you find my blog?


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