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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Josh Mishell, Creative Manager at Flying Dog Ales

I recently started talking to Josh Mishell, the Creative Manager over at Flying Dog Ales. Josh stumbled upon homebrewbeer.net and left a comment one day, and the emails below resulted. Read below and learn more about Josh and Flying Dog Ales!


From: Bryon
Sent: Saturday, September 29, 2007 1:45 PM
To: Josh Mishell
Subject: Greetings from HomeBrewBeer.Net!


I’m sending this email in response to your comments on my blog.

I must admit, I was excited to see someone from the actual brewery comment on the post I did about the Open Source Beer Project. In addition to loving quality beer, I also come from an IT background, so I’m familiar with the Open Source concept. I’m sure this idea has and will continue to endear your brewery to the hearts and minds home brewers and beer lovers alike. Great marketing idea and a good thing for quality American beer!

Could you tell me a little more about yourself? What do you do for Flying Dog Ales? How did you find my blog? And what’s a guy got to do to get a drink around here?

In response to your last comment, I would be honored to receive some of your fine products for the purpose of reviewing them on my blog. I’m specifically interested in getting my hands on some of the Collaborator, if at all possible. But I’d be more than happy to have my crew of beer lovers review any of your other fine products as well…

At any rate, I love the unique concept that is Flying Dog Ales. You guys really do stand out from the rest of the pack. Keep up the good work, and stay in touch!




PS: Do you mind if I post this email and your response to my blog? Just let me know… Thanks again!


From: Josh Mishell
Sent: Thursday, October 04, 2007 12:46 PM
To: bryon@homebrewbeer.net
Subject: Re: Greetings from HomeBrewBeer.Net!


Sorry it's taken a few days to get back to you. Good news, we just bottled the Doppelbock recently and will be sending out samples in the next few weeks. If you email me your mailing address, we can get a 12oz bottle of Doppelbock out to you. We're definitely excited about the Doppelbock, and after drinking some on Monday, it's pretty damn tasty! Feel free to post this to your blog, that sounds exciting!

Thanks for the kind words about our brewery, too. We're trying hard to be the leading brewery on the internet (through our online newletters, blogs, microsites, and the like), and it's good to know we're being noticed. We answer every email that we receive from consumers, and I think people really like the personal touch.

I was hired about a year ago to be the Creative Manager of Flying Dog Brewery. In the past year, I've redesigned many of our printed goods. The most exciting part is that I redesigned our labels, carriers, and case cartons (look for updated labels to hit shelves by December). The new labels keep Ralph Steadman's iconic illustrations, and we've enlarged the illustrations and better organized the rest of the information in a better way. You can see those changes here:


It's pretty much a dream job for me. I grew up in Colorado, and the Colorado Craft Beer explosion of the 1990s. Granted I wasn't 21 until 1999, but I remember how it defined Colorado (which just became the #1 beer producing state in the country, by the way). I went to college in Upstate New York and loved bringing my friends great Craft Beer from all around our state. Never in my life did I expect to work for a Brewery, and I'm pleased as punch to be working for a brewery with such cool branding. It makes us unique in the world, and I'm loving every minute of it.

I found your blog because I have an RSS feed that alerts me whenever a blog writes something with the term "Flying Dog Brewery". But now I've subscribed to your RSS feed and will be reading everything you post. Thank God for Bloglines. I'm following over 50 beer blogs right now, and that list is increasing every week as we find new bloggers who are writing great stuff about Flying Dog.



Josh Mishell
Creative Manager
Flying Dog Brewery


"Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy." - Benjamin Franklin


From: Bryon
Sent: Saturday, October 04, 2007 6:45 PM
To: Josh Mishell
Subject: Greetings from HomeBrewBeer.Net!


Thank you for the response, and thank you for agreeing to send out a sample of the Doppelbock. I’ll be sure to write up a nice review and post it to the blog.

I’d be more than happy to sample and review any of the products from Fly Dog Ales any time you want. Please keep in mind I have a core group of beer loving friends that would also love to write some reviews of your products. So feel free to send a six-pack or a case next time. :-)

This may sound odd, but do you have any plans to release any new lite beers in the near future? By lite I mean low on the calories and/or carbs… We’re on a new health kick here and are on the hunt for quality lite beers for those days when we want to go easy on the calories. It’s just something to keep in mind if you release a new product along those lines and are looking for some bloggers to write up reviews or if you need some one to beta test on.

I was at one time a graphic artist employed by the US military, and I worked as a web designer in corporate America for a number of years. Now I just do that sort of thing for a hobby. Based on my experience, it does sound like you have a dream job for a beer loving graphic artist. Congrats! Are you guys hiring? J

Well, Josh I sincerely appreciate your generosity and time. I look forward to trying the Doppelbock and to hearing more from Flying Dog Ales…



More to follow once I get my hands on the Doppelbock! Stay tuned!!!

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