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Friday, October 12, 2007

It's Friday! Have a beer and a few laughs!

I've been out of work all week, because I'm sick. I won't go into the details, but I will say it was nasty and required prescription drugs, in the form of eye drops no less. Use your imagination.

At any rate, it was back to work for me today, and I have to work this weekend too. Life sucks, but that's life... I should put that on a t-shirt or a bumper sticker or something...

After being out all week, there was plenty of drama at the office to deal with. So much drama that I figured I'd feature this oldie but goody. It's a funny yet dramatic commercial, perfect for this Friday's humorous video, chock full of extra drama and apparently pointless human conflict that ended with someone drinking a beer. Sounds like a typical Friday to me! If you haven't seen it yet, I must ask what rock you've been hiding under, if you have I hope it still manages to put a smile on your face.

Here's to the end of the work week, well the end for everybody but me, I gotta work! And here's to the end of the work week drama! Have a beer and have a laugh! Monday is a few days away, savor your time off... Did I mention I at least get Monday off? Yeah me!

And while we're at it, here's another oldie but goody from The Onion!

Teens Get Drunk On Award-Winning Microbrew
Subtle Interplay Of All-Wheat Malt, Varietal Hops Goes Tragically Unappreciated
October 16, 1996

EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ—The subtle interplay of the three varietal hops in MacTadcaster's Nut Brown Stout went tragically unappreciated Saturday when a group of high-school students got sh!+faced on a case of the award-winning microbrew.

According to reports, Jared Rosenthal, Andrew Gobbola and Tracey Sheehan, 17-year-old seniors at East Brunswick High, obtained the beer from Rosenthal's refrigerator while his parents—bona-fide beer-lovers capable of fully relishing the subtle, hand-crafted taste of a MacTadcaster's—were away for the weekend.

Though none of the teens were able to comment on the Nut Brown Stout's chocolatey aroma or its surprisingly smoky almond finish, Rosenthal did say that it had "f@ked him up majorly" and that he was "seriously payin' the price." READ MORE HERE!


  1. Every Friday I try to feature something funny, typically a youtube video... Glad you liked this one!


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