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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Home Brewers in Iran and Iraq?

I recently added a "Live Traffic Feed" from Feedjit to the bottom right hand side of this blog to track what site visitors of going to what pages from what countries. It's a pretty interesting little tool that even provides a Google map that locates where your most recent site visitors
are located. You can see the map here.

There's many interesting locations listed, with a high concentration in the USA, some in Europe, Australia, Asia and even the Middle East. I found it particularly interesting that I got at least 1 hit from in or around Baghdad, Iraq and 2 hits from 2 locations within Iran!

At fist I thought the cause may have been some key word search that led to this post: But that was not the case, according to Feedjit, the site visitor from Iraq went here instead:
Could it be that some poor beer deprived troop or contractor in Baghdad is secretly learning to brew his or her own beer? Learning from my mistakes? And what's up in Iran?

You can't drink beer in Iran, at least not beer with alcohol in it. A little slice of irony Mr Behi, and Iranian blogger, has not failed to notice. Although his statement that beer was born in Iran contradicts my post that Iraq was the birthplace of beer. Then again Iraq and Iran are right next to each other, and I suppose today's borders didn't mean anything back then, so who knows, right?

So if you can only drink non-alcoholic beer in Iran, could it be that some revolutionaries in Iran are visiting my site to learn how to secretly make their own beer and provide it to the oppressed masses? These are the pages they came to see:

I suppose there are no home brewers or beer drinkers in Iran either, ehhh Mr. Ahmadinejad?

At any rate, all beer lovers are welcome here... I hope one day you can all raise a glass of real beer and toast freedom... Until then, keep on brewing and don't let your Government catch you!

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