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Friday, October 5, 2007

Beer Haiku, Sexy bottle opener & Columbus

It's Friday, the end of a hellacious week of work, time to crack open a brew and have a few laughs. While you're waiting to go out for a beer with your friends, check out Beer Haiku Daily, "A simple poem each day to celebrate one of life’s simple pleasures."

Or check out this video and have a beer!

Now where did I put that bottle opener? Ahh yes, it's in my pants!

Take note, I bottle recent batch of English Pale Ale this Monday on Columbus Day. Speaking of Columbus, did you know...

European beer first arrived in America with Christopher Columbus' ships. On his last voyage to America in 1502, Columbus found the natives of Central America making a first-rate brew "of maize, resembling English beer".

Sounds like a very fitting day to bottle my beer, no?

Also, I'll finally get to blogging about my semi-recent brewery tour extravaganza in Boston later next week! Stay tuned and have a great weekend!

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