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Monday, October 22, 2007

AHA Teach a Friend to Homebrew Day (Nov 3rd)

I've been trying to lure some of my friends into the subculture that is homebrewing as of late. This weekend I used my latest homebrew as the bait, offering samples on two separate occasions.

One of my buddies (no not Erik in the video above) has been "threatening" to get into home brewing for well over a year now and today I called his bluff and invited him, and some of the other guys, over for AHA's Teach a Friend to Homebrew Day.

But here's the catch, I have to work on Nov 3rd, so I'm hoping to do my part for the cause on an alternate day. Perhaps this weekend, if I can get a willing student or two on the hook.

I haven't decided exactly what I'll brew, but I was think something seasonal like Midwest's "Happy Holiday Brew" or perhaps something darker for a change of pace... But first things first, I need to see if I have anyone interested in learning...


  1. Yeah, I have the same problem. I won't be available for the 3rd. I may try to pull it off one of these other weekends.

  2. I was hoping to do a little how to suds and buds event at the house this weekend, but I'm thinking it may not be in the cards...

    I may also be pushing my fanatical beer nut ways on my normal friends a wee bit much these days.


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