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Monday, October 8, 2007

28 Bottles of Beer on the Floor? (VIDEOS)

I had today off, in honor of Chris Columbus. Thanks Chris, here's to you... Thanks for the day off!

At any rate, I decided to bottle my batch of English Pale Ale today, holding off a week based on input from a guy over at beertools.com. It's early October and there's no work today, what better New England tradition to following than home brewing?

My wife was a little annoyed, as my bottling activities interfered with her desire to go apple picking, another great New England Fall tradition. Not to worry, I'll make it up to her. I think...

When I set out to sanitize my gear this afternoon, I was a little low on C-Brite, so I went out to CVS and got a bottle of good old fashioned bleach. I gave the new flip cap bottles the wife got me for Christmas a good bleach and water bath in my bottling bucket and my old fermenter bucket. I also gave the rest of my bottling stuff a good cleaning. Let's hope those flip bottles work, last time was a disaster.

She sprung for four 12 packs of those "Grolsch" style bottles, but at the end of the day I only filled a bout 28 bottles. Oh well, that'll work, and hey! I have enough bottles left to brew a second batch!

Here's a tip: An empty dish washer makes for an excellent drying rack, even better if you can run the heated dry cycle on the bottles. You may not want to wash them in there though, I've heard that jet-dry stuff can harm your beer.

As the priming sugar boiled away, I took my final gravity reading and all seemed well, it was close to the 1.012 indicated on the instructions that came with the kit. Perhaps my struggles with the hydrometer were now in the past.

And, maybe I was a little hard on that yeast, maybe it wasn't so lazy after all... Maybe it was over achieving yeast and just finished earlier than expected. but it's not like I ask a lot of my yeast, I just want them to make my wort into beer and then carbonate it, it's the YEAST they can do! (Sorry!)

Unfortunately I made a bit of a mess in the kitchen. I was a little slopping with the bottling cane, and had to do some quick mopping up with some towels.

And to make matters worse, I asked the wife to take a couple of photos of me doing my thing, and she accidentally banged the camera up in the process of taking a photo while handing me some paper towels to clean up my mess. I think the camera is dead, and the wife is none too happy. But life goes on. Here's the last picture that camera will probably ever take... (I should have been a male model...)

After all was said and done, I was able to bottle, clean up, crack a celebratory beer from the fridge, shower, hit the blog and get ready for some early evening quality time with the wife in record time. All is right in the universe.

Stay tuned for the final results on this batch! Inthe mean time, have a beer and relax!

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