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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Speaking of Oktoberfest, did you see Beerfest?

Have you seen Beerfest? If you enjoy cheap laughs, home brewing, breweries, beer drinking party games, and all kinds of tomfoolery, than this is the movie for you! It's from the same gang of goofballs that brought us Super Troopers. And it's chock full of humorous beer related sound bytes like this little gem... "It's magical!"

IMDB has some great photos... There's even a pretty good soundtrack...

If you're not afraid to laugh at a keg full of sophomoric beer humor, than it's well worth the rental fees for anyone who loves beer and laughter. Or better yet, why not buy your own copy?

It touches on the cultural phenomenon that is Oktoberfest and skips over to a fictional version of the world famous German festival that involves an international competition revolving around high stakes beer drinking party games. The main characters own their own microbrewery and brew pub and represent the USA in the Olympics of beer swilling. What could be better than that?

Check it out this week over a tasty pint of your favorite Oktoberfest brew...

Dial up the Beerfest web page for more info!

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