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Monday, September 17, 2007

sixpacks for soldiers

Somethings transcend political and idealogical differences. A combined love of beer and respect for our armed forces is a perfect example of "Beer-Partisanship".

I submit the following link for your review... www.sixpacksforsoldiers.com

No politics - just beer.

Six Packs for Soldiers is a "beer-partisan" campaign to thank our troops. We are grateful Republicans, Democrats, and Independents joined in a simple mission - we want to buy our soldiers a beer. And you can help:

Simply click here to upload a photo of yourself toasting the troops with a beer (or non-alcoholic alternative, if you prefer). For every "virtual toast" we get, we will deliver one real beer to a soldier (thanks to our sponsors for springing for it).

Red state, blue state? Who cares! Liberal, conservative? Doesn't matter! We've got our differences...that's true. But for just a moment, we are putting them aside, joining together, and sending a frothy, refreshing "thank you" to our fighting men and women. Please join us, make a toast, and make this just the first thing of many that you do to help these brave men and women.

A the time of this posting, the sixpacksforsoldiers campaign has ended. But they already extended the deadline once, maybe they'll do it again if enough of us send in our pics...

From what I understand, Sam Adams was a big supporter of this effort, donating a ton of free beer and not looking for a pat on the back in the process. Brewer, Patriot, INDEED!

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