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Monday, October 1, 2007

Oktoberfest in CT

Earlier in the week, while my beer languished in it's glass carboy coffin in my basement, I ventured out to celebrate Oktoberfest with a few buddies. OK, maybe the term glass coffin is too strong, it's not dead yet, but I do fear for my beers life...

At any rate, there's not much going on Tuesday night in CT, so we went to the only place we could to celebrate Oktoberfest, East Side Restaurant Authentic German Cuisine in New Britain, CT.

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This place a lot of fun, they really go out of their way to create a unique atmosphere year round. They have real German food and beer, waitresses in the traditional garb, and even a roaming accordion player sometimes. (Sadly, not on that night...) They invite you to put on a wacky hat, order a big beer, and join in on the fun...

Check out these video clips! They look so much better on my camera, but once they get on the computer, they're dark. Oh well, enjoy none the less!

More photos may be added later, some of the guys had cameras...

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