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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Lite Beer+ Calories Cheat Sheet

I made a quick cheat sheet for the bar to help me decide what lite beer I should order when both calorie counting and beer swilling... It's almost business card size, so should fit in your wallet pretty well.

I've only included common lite beer brands, and I included Guinness as a point of reference.

Oddly enough, Guinness isn't so bad when it comes to calories, something to really consider when you are contemplating the calories to quality ratio. Having said that, it does have 10 grams of carbs. But take note, one of my favorite lite beers, Sam Adam's light, isn't all THAT lite now is it?

Got any other beers you think should be added to the cheat sheet?

Check out this great book on Worldwide Beer Nutritional Values!


  1. 1,100 beers with their nutritional values...calories, carbs, abv.


  2. Thanks for the comment and link Bob! I gotta get a copy of that book when it comes out!

    So let me ask you Bob, what's your favorite "healthy" beer?

  3. Byron,

    They're all healthy. As you know, moderation is the key.

    Now since Jim Koch wrote the foreword for my latest book, Beer & Food: An American History...of course Sam Adams beers are the healthiest!

  4. Sorry Bryon. A slip of the finger with your name...

  5. Bob,

    I'm a huge fan of Mr. Koch, but then again, who isn't? I would love the meet him some day...

    No worries on the name, it's all good, happens all the time!

    Keep in touch Bob!

  6. For a full list of alcohol to calorie ratios check out http://www.getdrunknotfat.com


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