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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Homebrewing while counting calories

The hardest thing about staying in shape, besides cutting back on my beer intake, is counting calories. Half the stuff I eat don't have that label on the back to tell me how many calories I just shoved down my throat. Fortunately it's relatively easy to find the caloric content on the back of a beer bottle but what about the calories and carbs in your own home brews?

Enter, the calorie and carbs home brew calculator...

I'm glad I stumbled upon this thing. I'm thinking of getting back into the kitchen this afternoon and finally brewing up a new batch of home brew and this thing will come in handy regarding my recent fitness push.

To use this calculator you must have your original and final specific gravity readings. You get these readings from a hydrometer or refractometer which can be purchased at your local homebrew shop. I'm still searching the globe for a digital hydrometer. I've never been good at getting those readings...


  1. The good news is that Weight Watchers assigns beer 3 points. The bad news is that by 'beer' they mean Bud Light. However, I have found that by considering good beer to be between 3-6 points, I've managed to lose weight and keep it off, thanks to WW.

    It works, and I still get to drink good beer.

  2. Superfecta, thanks for the comment and info... I never tried WW, I'm more of a cut calories and force myself to the gym type of guy. But I know family and friends that had a lot of luck with WW.

    So let me ask you, what does a horse race loving, Ex-archaeologist, beer and bra loving home-brewer consider a quality, semi-healthy beer? What do you drink when you carb and calorie count?


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