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Monday, September 17, 2007

Beer = Yes / Gut = No!

It's been a while since of really blogged here... And I haven't made a batch of beer in a long LONG time. But I have had my share of beers in that time, and my waist line is starting to show that.

A year ago, I got back from Afghanistan, in the best shape of my life, lean and strong. Today, I've managed to hold on to about half the progress I made in regards to physical fitness, but the beer has had it's toll on me. Not to worry, I'm not giving up on beer... But I am diving head first into getting in shape.

Here are my goals...

Phase 1: Reduce my weight from 194lbs to 180 lbs or fit into size 34 jeans comfortably, which ever comes first.

I want to do this before Jan 1, 2008, if possible. That gives me a little over 3 months to make this happen.

Phase 2: Increase my weight to 190 lbs (through muscle gain) while maintaining size 34 jeans. I would like to accomplish this by July 4th or 2008.

Important: Now keep in mind, I want to do all of this, while still enjoying, reviewing and hopefully soon making beer. Which means this blog will not lay dormant, and it will not turn into strictly a fitness blog. Consider it the blog for all things beer, including health...

Can it be done? Can I lose the fat, gain the muscle and still enjoy the beer? Sure, but it wont be easy.

Wish me luck and track my progress here… Or on my traineo.com web page. I've also started a new forum/group on traineo for beer drinkers who want to lose the gut and keep the suds. Beer = Yes / Gut = No.

Other things to look forward to: I have a ton of beer reviews I've done on paper, that need to be added to the blog, including some I did this past winter on a Caribbean cruise with the inlaws.

I also went back to Boston and toured the Sam Brewery again and then journeyed across town and hit the Harpoon brewery, all in the same awesome day. A great trip, I recommend it to anyone who loves beer. I'll have details and photos up soon!

I will finally be brewing a batch of beer sometime in October. I'll have all the details posted here. Stay tuned...


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