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Friday, February 16, 2007

Speaking of Sam Adams...

Check out these photos of "BigDog" Mike, Chris, Shridar and me when we took the Sam Adam's brewery tour a couple of months ago. One of the beers they let us taste was the Boysenberry Wheat, a LongShot winner from 2006, which was MUCH better on draft than it was from a bottle. Sadly, I didn't write a review for this tasting.

That's me and the guys having a toast over a few fresh glasses of Sam. The tasting room was standing room only at this point, but of course we had "front row seats" right by the bar. In fact the tour guide/bar tender snapped this photo.

Here's Chris pouring a glass of the award winning Boysenberry Wheat as Mike looks on...

From left to right: Chris, "BigDog" Mike, Shridar, and me in the Sam Adams brewery tasting room.

That's me and a sloppy pour, I was a little over eager to partake in the goodness. The brewery tour had my mouth watering.

Mike and Chris toast over a couple glasses of fresh and delicious Sam Adams Boston Lager.

Me and two empty pitchers of Sam... That's the tour guide in the background, he has a great job!

I'm planning on making another run up to the Sam Adam's brewery, followed by a jaunt across town to the Harpoon brewery. Two brewery tours in one day, with a great city full of great bars for afterwards. What could be better than that? Stay tuned!!!

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