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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Are you a beer snob?

From time to time, I'll be taking a break from home brewing discussion to highlight beer related news stories that catch my eye. Here's the first one. Are "beer snobs" taking over the pub scene? One many seems to think so...

This article is pretty funny. Apparently Mike Seate, from the Tribune-Review, prefers his beer simple and cheap. In this piece he discusses the trend, as he perseaves it, of beer drinking becoming more like wine tasting mixed with a heavy dose of over priced geekiness. I love this particular quote:

To be fair, these places are usually dense with bearded guys in tattered wool sweaters who can rattle off the complex brewing methods of odd brands the way Star Trek enthusiasts can speak fluent Klingon. Likewise, some of our city's beer emporiums have elevated the formerly simple act of purchasing a pint to something akin to a haute wine tasting; elaborate back stories are offered about strange orders of Trappist Belgian monks who craft their beers in dank basements using recipes as closely guarded as the holy grail.

Evidently, Mr. Seate misses the good old days of cheap coors from a can and a no frill bowl of beer nuts. I personally live in a world where both ways of enjoying a tastey cold beer can live side by side in peace. I enjoy a quality beer, but will swing back a few cheap mass produced beers on an occasion. There's a time and place for every beer in my world.

Here's what the guys over at the beer advocate think... How about you?

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